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Impact the lives of society by BREAKING Mindset- Physical Barriers& developing their potentials to achieves dreams.


  1. Unlock the potential in each individual in the society
  2. Break the society’s barriers of mindset, which is often set by differences in an industry, education system and/or family culture.
  3. Empower society with the right mindset, knowledge and skills

  4. Realize goals & dreams in life.

In our journey of discovering our passion and dreams, there is always a trigger point, it may be a person or something that  triggers to flip your switch (to on) your light bulb. We have a lot of switches in our life, we need someone to flip all the switch to “ON” the electricity and light to our room. Otherwise it will still be filled with darkness. Sometimes we analyze too much causing us to be paralyzed by fear & confusion, it is just like a room that is too bright and cause a pain to the eye. What we need to do is flip off a few switches. 

We “Switch Flipper”, we are dedicated and trained to either FLIP your switches ON or OFF; we are the trigger to activate your dreams, creativity, purpose, talents and hidden skillset.


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Mr. Joshua Wong (Founder)

Bruce Lee's Martial Arts& Philoshophy Trainer/ Women's Self- Defense Trainer Click here for Mr. Joshua Wong's full profile.

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Mr. Kevin Khoo: Co-Founder

Soft Skills Trainer ( Public Speaking HRDF Certified Trainer click her for Mr. Kevin Khoo's full profile.

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